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Daily, from 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM

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020 6707 0556


“Tiny Button Apparel was created while I was pregnant with my daughter Ava in 2014. I visioned a brand that would be comfortable, on trend and durable with pieces that would be easy to style outfits around. As someone who loves everything fashion I wanted to dress my daughter in trendy clothes that I myself would wear. For the first 3 years I spent every waking hour that I wasn’t with my daughter in front of my sewing machine, sewing every single piece of the collection. Thanks to all of you, the business grew larger than I could handle on my own so I began looking into outsourcing some of the production. I knew I wanted to remain local and to only work with a business that employed people from within my own community. In the fall of 2017, I was lucky enough to find a great company who now helps with production of our pieces.
As the business grows we will also be expanding our family with the expected arrival of our second daughter this June. As I did with Ava, I look forward to drawing inspiration from our newest little girl and what I want to dress her in. Until then, I hope you love what you see this season and hope you agree with me when I say this is our best collection yet!
xoxo Jamie Nicholl”