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“INOX Leisure Limited is the diversification venture of the INOX Group into entertainment. INOX Leisure’s mission is to be the leader in the cinema exhibition industry, in every aspect right from the quality and choice of cinema to the varied services offered and eventually the highest market share.

INOX has traversed its own path by bringing in a professional and service-oriented approach to the cinema exhibition sector. With strong financial backing, impeccable track record and strong{/span} corporate ethos, INOX has established a strong presence in the cinema exhibition industry in a very short span.

It must be noted that INOX was chosen post a nationwide tender to design, construct and operate the prestigious multiplex in Goa. Since the launch of the multiplex in 2004, INOX is the venue of the prestigious International Film Festival of India (IFFI) every year.

Since its inception in 1999, INOX has been active in exploring acquisition and/or expansion opportunities on a continuous basis with a view to consolidate its position in the multiplex industry. INOX kicked off the consolidation phase in the multiplex industry by acquiring Calcutta Cine Pvt. Ltd. (CCPL) in 2007. This was followed by the acquisition of Fame India Limited, another multiplex cinema theatre Company having a nationwide presence in May 2013. In August 2014, INOX acquired a third multiplex chain Satyam Cineplexes Ltd., thereby strengthening its presence to be a significant player in the Indian multiplex space and redefine the movie-going experience in India.”